Why are the prices so low?

We can offer you first class treatment at much lower prices. This is because lones overhead costs in Turkey for Dental corrections are much lower. The materials, treatment methods and technologies we are use are of the European and quality.

How long would i have to stay in Alanya?

Te required length of stay depends on the treatment you need. If you have the X-Ray of your teeth and the quotation of your dentist send us by e-mail, so we can better estimate the time required.

How much money can i safe?

In Dental practices in the Netherlands and the rest of the European countries can placing of crowns and implants are three to four times more expensive than in Turkey. So you can safe hundreds to thousands of euro's, even if you consider your travel and stay.

How long is the waiting list, and how much time do you need to organize my arrival and treatments?

We dont have a waiting list. We can offer you an appointment and treatment at your convenience.

How can i arrange an appointment?

U can contact us at our website, u can also call us. All information is provided on the contact page. That is why we need as much as possible information from you.