About Us



About Us

Baha Saglik  is a dentistry clinic in Alanya. Several specialists working in this clinic.
Baha  Saglik started in 2010, with 27 years of experience in dentistry.
Dr. Mehmet Avcu and Dr. Sermin Avcu started  in 1992 small with a general practice in Izmir.

After their successful career they moved to alanya, with high goal for good care and love they have built Baha Saglik.

We are dedicated to continuing education and in-service training. Our professional team is eager for new techniques to run with high quality treatments.
For example, Dr. Mehmet Avcu still studying at the University of Pisa implantology.

Your healthy smile is for us a goal, we started Primedent to give you the chance on healthy teeth that you deserve.

Primedent is the trademark about dental tourism name of Baha Saglik.